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How To Check Your Door
The touch test is one of the most effective ways to determine the status of your door. Rub your fingers over the inside surface of your door. You will notice that the surface feels smooth or even glassy. This is because there is very little surface deterioration and the condition of this surface is very close to new. There is limited deterioration because the inside of your door is not exposed to high levels of UV radiation.

Now, run your fingers over the outside surface of the door, especially in the lower third. If the outside surface feels dry or rough it is time for a maintenance. What you are feeling is the micro-cracks in the finish. These are small cracks that could only be seen with a microscope but you can feel with your fingers. A surface maintenance at this point will seal the micro-cracks and renew the UV inhibitors (sunscreen) in your door's finish. The touch test does not work as well if the inside of the door is painted instead of stained.

Visual inspection of the high wear portions of your door is also helpful. The lowest horizontal trim piece (the raised molding) on each panel of your door is usually the location of the highest wear. This is especially true on panels in the lower third of your door. It doesn't matter whether the panel is glass or wood.

Using a damp sponge or rag, wipe the dirt off of the bottom pieces of trim on each panel of your door and let them dry. Then examine those pieces. If the color is faded or gray or if the wood feels dry or possibly a little rough it is time for maintenance. (Compare the color to the color at the top of your door.) If the finish is chipping in these areas, it is past time for a maintenance. If chipping is occurring on more than just the trim of your door, it is probably time for a full refinishing of your door.

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