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Full Refinish

A Full Refinish is the process we use when a door's finish has failed and needs to be restored. It consists of stripping the door to bare wood, sanding, staining and applying three coats of gloss finish. The process is complete in one day and returns the door to an almost "good as new" condition.

Maintenance Service

Once the Full Refinish service has returned your door to a “good as new” condition, we can help you keep it that way, and the Maintenance Service is designed for that purpose. It consists of cleaning, sanding, smoothing, and washing the surface of the door. This is followed by the application of a coat of Marine Spar varnish, which we use for its flexibility, sun resistance, and luster.

We offer you the maintenance program to extend the life of the finish to its maximum and keep the door looking good for years to come. It is a fact that the climate is going to do damage to the finish of your door, the only question is how quickly this will occur.  The rate depends upon the amount of shade available to your door and which way your door faces (north, east, south, west).  Sunshine, reflected UV radiation and water are the worst elements of the climate.  Our intention with the maintenance program is to keep the majority of the climate’s damage limited to the outer layer of finish where we can do some repair work.


That being said, the proper time to perform a maintenance service on a door is before it looks like it needs it.  The reason for this is that once a door looks like it needs attention the outer layer of finish is well worn and significant damage is being done to the inner layers of finish.  Damage to the inner layers cannot be repaired without fully refinishing the door.  When significant damage has accumulated to the inner layers of finish, the finish begins to chip, peel and the finish fails.

The Door Refinishing Company offers the Maintenance Service in two varieties.  In both cases the process and result are identical (see above).  The difference is in the scheduling and the price.  The first version is called the By-Appointment Maintenance.  When selecting the By-Appointment version we agree to be at your home on a particular day and in a particular time window.  By-Appointment is the more expensive selection.

Our recommended version is called the Automatic Maintenance.  On our first visit, when automatic maintenance is selected, we promise to be at your home during the 30-day window following your phone call.  On subsequent visits, we promise to be at your home during a given month.  The interval between visits will be determined when we first visit your door and evaluate it.  The concept was borrowed from the landscaping industry and allows us to complete more doors in a day by scheduling them all in the same area of town for that day.  Consequently, we are able to offer a cheaper price for automatic maintenance.

As an example, for a single door we charge $199.95 for a By-Appointment Maintenance or $99.95 for an Automatic Maintenance service. You save $100!

If our website hasn't answered your questions fully, please give us a call at 713-515-9132.

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