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What Happens When We Refinish Your Door
The finish on the outside will wear out in a predictable time due to the exposure to sun and water. The more exposure the sooner the door needs to be refinished.

We start by laying tarps to protect your floor and paper the glass area as well as the frame. Your existing hardware is removed ( if possible) and set aside to be reinstalled at the end of the process ( We Will not install new hand sets or locks). The door face is then stripped of its old finish with a low odor stripper.With that done the sanding process only takes a few minutes to smooth the wood.

There is no worries about dust in the home from sanding because of the large vacs connected to our sanders, all the dust goes outside. Next is the stain ( we do our best to get a color that you wish), its applied with a brush and the excess is hand wiped off. Once the door is to color we then seal it with 3 separate coats of clear exterior gloss finishes.

This process starts at 8 AM and is normally done by 1PM (give or take). But the door needs to stand open until 8PM before it can be closed and locked normally. No worries about the weather either, the opening is sealed by a sheet of plastic to protect your home.


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